Ahn Wee

“The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” – Carl Gustav Jung

Month: May, 2013

A students on exchange


so they pad their bossom-resumes
with napkin-leadership positions,
and faked grace under pressure over well defined shoulders—
of a flesh-tender and tense underneath,
their expensive 40s navy blazers.
Its a trade that demands to be done
for you to cross the treadmill and be gone!
For the secret is in the proof of the pudding,
you burned all calories for all traces to disappear,
So as not a single clue was left behind,
as to doubt your seemingly “substantial” credentials.


Weird Al Yankovic

So where’s Weird Al?
I heard he’s on
sodium pentothal
rolling like a skater boy,
Smiling like Sir Tomato Cheeks.
Suddenly, he’s here! He’s here!
Weird Al sings like a Surgeon,
singing “My my this here Anakin guy”
and you knew he ain’t talking
about Star Wars or Hayden Christensen,
when he said “maybe vader someday later
right now he’s just a small fry”
but rather someone like Bruce Lee,
who looks like Tirso Cruz,
who might be Mr. Frodo Baggins,
with the body of a faunlet.
So here’s Weird Al,
on Sodium pentothal,
rolling on a skateboard,
making a new satire:
a song about you,
and someone else–
you don’t want to know.
Good thing Weird Al’s on TV,
and just on TV.