Intimacy vs. Isolation

by Ahn Wee

Its a Saturday afternoon. A perfect Saturday afternoon. It’s not too hot and its not too cold. The skies are cloudy but that’s how I like my weather. I want to go out yet here I am fumbling over my keyboard online. If it were solely up to me, I would drag out my old grade school friend out of her house and into the malls where we can pour our eyes with interesting things that might come handy for us—for the next payday. I don’t intend to go shopping but I intend to know what would be good to shop for. I’m not the type of person who likes to go shopping and decide right then and there. I like to canvass a set of ideas first, go home and save and then hit the store with a vengeance. Well I do it that way because, I know for a certain fact that if I go with no clear decision of what I want I’ll end up splurging over a couple of things I really don’t need. I only need one or two things, and I’d like to build that over time and not 5 things at once.

Zzz why am I alone anyway? God why won’t she agree to go out? The whole I’m-too-broke-excuse is BS. It’s equally the same thing last Friday night. I want to go out yet it seems I’m always surrounded by people who are either feeling too homely or just don’t find me part of their clique. I have a college degree, I’m a licensed Psychometrician and I got a job but why can’t I get friends like Carrie has in Sex and the City or Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. I guess that’s the whole 20 something challenge.

So screw it I’m going out with or without you.