Where I am

Where I am right now:

I am a Talent Acquisition Staff in the People Management Department at a 2 year old bank. I’m in my 4th month already and going to my 5th. So far I am struggling with my duties and responsibilities especially in staying organized. To add it all up my new supervisor is going to be my old classmate (to whom I sort of had a rift with back in college).  I’m wondering now if I am going to be regularized. I wonder if I am still going to become a Psychometrician. I wonder now if my future truly belongs to this bank I’m working for. In fact I wonder if my real niche truly belongs to the bank industry, the Industrial Psychology side of things or the clinical psychology part of things.

I want to take up a master’s degree in Psychology but I can’t decide if I should pursue my old alma mater. I don’t want to see the old teachers and classmates all over again. I want a new environment for learning. An upgrade but at the same time, I really can’t afford it!

Then there’s this whole promise of travelling abroad with my old childhood friend. I’m not so sure where I am going with everything but I do hope whatever happens, I hope it will be the best for my growth as an individual and a professional.

I might sound worried but at least its better than having a blank space for a life.

Hell I can’t even decide my jam for the moment.