SOMA – State of The Mind Address 2015

by Ahn Wee

I have a report coming up tonight but I need some catharsis. So to get started here it goes… Honestly it all sounded so exciting in the early months and then it just got boring as time went farther on. Not boring as in too easy kind of boring but meaningless filing of files kind of routine boring. Organization of papers and dates boring. I don’t find it fulfilling and while I feel a sense of achievement over certain things—the feeling just doesn’t last.

The whole feels of accomplishment is fleeting. Sometimes I can hear my brain getting sarcastic “like wow, you found a way to do things faster!” or “wow you found a system to do things more efficiently”

I don’t know why but i just hate it. I don’t find it at all exciting. Sometimes I think its just my attitude but I’ve tried my best to see the bright side of things but at the end of the day when I think of my work, I just think of it as papers and paper dolls.

I mean sure I like the whole travelling perks I get but you know what, I don’t need this job to do just that. I can earn money in a different line of work and travel for leisure.

I am not at all happy! NOT AT ALL.